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The best places for families to go bike riding in Darwin

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Bike riding around Darwin’s extensive network of dedicated bike paths is a fun and safe for families to keep active. We have approximately 70km of on-road cycleways and dedicated shared paths. These paths have public toilets and water fountains at intervals, but remember to bring your own water to keep hydrated in the Darwin heat. Read on for Blue Cycles favourite places for families to go bike riding in Darwin this weekend.


  • Darwin Esplanade. Located along the southwestern edge of Darwin's central business district, the Esplanade offers an ideal location for a leisurely bike ride with the family. The approximately 1.6km paved shared path provides ample seating on benches, shaded areas by trees, informative signs, memorials, and beautiful lookout points for children to enjoy. As you ride along the path, you will encounter one of the largest children's playgrounds in the city. The walkway snakes through numerous grassy lawns and shaded areas, providing plenty of opportunities to take a break and play. In addition, the Esplanade offers an excellent vantage point to learn about various points of interest in Darwin Harbour, including the nearby Navy Base. Whether you take a break to play, relax in the shaded areas or pause to learn about the history and significance of the area, the Esplanade provides a perfect destination for a relaxing and enjoyable bike ride in Darwin.


  • East Point Reserve. The reserve has several bike paths that are well-maintained, providing a safe and enjoyable riding experience for families and kids. Secondly, the reserve offers panoramic views of the Darwin Harbour, which is a beautiful sight to take in while cycling. Additionally, the reserve is a large park with several playgrounds, BBQ areas, and opportunities for wildlife spotting, making it an ideal spot for a family bike ride and picnic. Finally, there are many attractions along the bike path, including Lake Alexander and the WWII bunkers and museum, which provide a chance to learn more about the history and culture of Darwin.


  • The Nightcliff Foreshore is a stunning location to go bike riding with your family, thanks to its flat and easily accessible bike path that runs alongside the coastline. The area also boasts numerous playgrounds and BBQ areas for families. The protected bike and walking path will take you on a picturesque 3km route, showcasing breathtaking water views, Nightcliff pier, the popular Foreshore cafe, Nightcliff public pool, and ultimately, the stunning and deserted beaches of the Casuarina Coastal Reserve.


  • Casuarina Coastal Reserve. This reserve is a fantastic place to go bike riding in Darwin for several reasons. The reserve boasts stunning coastal views, rugged cliffs, and lush casuarina trees, making it an ideal spot for a scenic bike ride. The unspoiled beaches also offer a picturesque backdrop for your ride. The reserve features flat and easy terrain, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels, including families with children. You can ride at your own pace and enjoy the scenery along the way. Depending on the season, you might catch glimpses of migrating birds. The reserve offers an opportunity to observe and appreciate nature while getting some exercise. The reserve features heritage-listed ruins from World War II and is a significant site for the Larrakia people. You can observe Darriba Nunggalinya or Old Man Rock at low tide, which adds a cultural and historical dimension to your bike ride. The reserve has several picnic areas, restrooms, and water fountains along the bike paths.


  • Lee Point. If you're family are mountain biking enthusiasts, Casuarina Coastal Reserve offers a thrilling experience with several trails that traverse the woodlands of Lee Point. The reserve boasts of trails that cater to varying skill levels. For beginners, Lee and Enfield trails offer a gentle start, while intermediate riders can test their mettle on Bren, World Cup, and Vickers trails. The Vickers trail has an advanced section that provides an extra challenge for experienced riders. As you approach the trails, you'll find shelters and signs with essential information. Take a photo of the trail map on your phone to ensure you stay on track. Totem post markers along the trails also guide you along the way.


Darwin offers several fun and safe places for families and kids to go bike riding, with scenic and well-maintained paths and plenty of amenities for families to enjoy. Visit Blue Cycles in-store or online to get your family set up to have fun bike riding safely in Darwin today.


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