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Tubes and Tyres

How can I tell if I need to replace my bike tyres?

  1. Repeated tube punctures - frequent flats is an indication your tyre tread is wearing thin, allowing small stones and pieces of glass to puncture your tube
  2. Damaged / worn tyre sidewalls - sidewalls of a tyre can get damaged through impact with obstacles such as potholes and rocks and if tyre pressure is not maintained within its recommended range
  3. Tread wear indicators - many tyres come with tread wear indicators, small hole indents located in the central area of the tread, which disappear as the tyre wears signalling the end of their life
  4. Tyre bead problems - tyres with a damaged bead can blow off your wheel rim as the inner tube gets inflated
  5. Tread pattern wear - uneven tread pattern wear and shallowing of tread pattern are signs your tyre is wearing thin and needs replacement

How can I prevent tube punctures?

  1. Tyre pressure - Maintain tyre pressure within recommended range by pumping them up at least once a week
  2. Slime - inject a slime/sealant into inner tube with a removable core
  3. New tyres - Replace your tyres if wear indicator disappears and or if wall/bead/tread becomes cracked or slashed

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