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Servicing and repairs


​Blue Cycles service all brands and models of bikes, yeaha!

We provide a variety of bicycle repairs such as instant tube changes and regular bike servicing. Book your bike in for its next service by

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​Bike services

Silver Service $164 ​(plus parts) 

Recommended every 3-4 months. Your bike is already in pretty good shape but needs a touch-up. Service includes...

  • Check and tighten all bolts including crank
  • Adjust brake pads
  • Tighten brake cables
  • Adjust gears
  • Drive-train wear checked
  • Lubricate chain and cables
  • Check spokes and true minor buckles (wheel stays on bike)
  • Headset checked
  • Frame wiped down
  • Tyres inflated
  • True Wheels in bike

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Gold Service $319 (plus parts) 

Recommended every 6 - 8 months, your bike will be cleaned, adjusted, professionally serviced and ready to go! Service includes...

  • Includes Silver Service plus
  • Chain/cassette removed and cleaned
  • Wheels removed and trued
  • Brake surface cleaned
  • Drive train degreased
  • Bike cleaned/washed
  • Brake pads de-glazed
  • Bottom bracket removed, cleaned and re-fitted
  • Headset removed, cleaned and re-fitted

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Blue Service $639 (plus parts) 

Recommended every 12 -14 months, your bike will be stripped bare, with every part cleaned, greased and reinstalled. Service includes...

  • Gold Service, plus;
  • Bike stripped to bare frame
  • All parts degreased, cleaned and lubricated
  • Headset re-greased
  • Bottom Bracket overhauled
  • Road Bikes: Discount bar tape & free fitting
  • Mountain Bikes: Rotors cleaned and straightened

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