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How to use CO2 to inflate a bike tyre

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  • By Pedal Pete
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How to use CO2 to inflate a bike tyre

Learn the easiest and quickest method for pumping up your bike tyre through step by step instructions in this Banter blog.

Every bike rider punctures, however not every bike rider can confidently change a flat on the road. Unsurprisingly, many bike riders don't attempt to do it themselves due to heavy, bulky and awkward operation of hand pumps. This Blue Banter article will teach you the quickest and easiest method for pumping up a flat by the side of the road, so you spend more time riding and less time haggling for a lift home.




1. Screw CO2 canister/cartridge into your inflator nozzle head tightly. This will ensure the canister is pierced open ready to allow CO2 through once attached in the tube valve. 

2. Press the inflator nozzle head onto your tube's valve.

3. Apply a reasonable amount of pressure to the inflator nozzle head. The tube valve will engage a valve in the inflator head allowing CO2 to pass into the tube thus pumping it up. 

4. Pull the inflator nozzle head off your tube valve.

5. Screw your presta valve core back in or your schrader valve cap back on depending which tubes you are using

6. Squirt water from your drink bottle onto the inflator nozzle to melt the iciness away making it easier to unscrew the empty canister.

7. Carry on riding!

8. Pump up your tyre with air using a standard bike pump before your next ride. CO2 leaks out of bike tubes faster than air so it will appear as if you have another flat within twenty four hours of having pumped it up. 


The Short and Sweet of It  

  • CO2 is the easiest and quickest method for pumping up flat bike tubes which ensures you spend more time having fun riding and less time wrestling with a hand pump.  


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