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How to change a tube when your bike tyre goes flat

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  • By Luke Hansen
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How to change a tube when your bike tyre goes flat

Punctures are a pain in the proverbial however follow these simple steps and you will be back rolling on the road in no time.


1. Remove the wheel from your bike


2. Let out any remaining air from your tube by depressing the valve pin (schrader valves) or valve inner core (presta valves)


3. Remove valve nut (only applicable to presta valves F/V) 


4. Insert a tyre lever on either side of the inner tube valve between the tyre bead and the wheel rim


5. Pull tyre levers downwards at the same time to pop the tyre out and over the wheel rim


6. Whilst holding one lever steady, slide the other lever away from you in between the tyre bead and wheel rim until you have popped that entire side of the tyre off the wheel rim


7. Keeping the other side of the tyre on wheel, reach inside the tyre and pull out the punctured tube


8. Slowly run your fingers along the inside of the tyre feeling for the location of the offending sharp object that caused your puncture such as a bit wire, glass, thorn or stone shard


9. Remove your new tube from its packaging and pump an small amount of air into it until it takes shape. This will make it easier to install into your tyre and will reduce the risk of causing a pinch flat upon pumping up your new tube


10. Start the install of the new tube by placing the valve through the valve hole in the rim. If you are installing a tube with a threaded valve, screw on the valve nut a few threads to ensure the valve does not pull through. 


11. Tuck your new tube into the inside of the tyre


12. Starting at the valve, push the tyre bead up and over the wheel rim until it clicks into place inside the wheel rim. Continue this action around the wheel rim until the entire tyre is sitting back inside the wheel rim. We recommend using your hands as much as possible to refit your tyre instead of using tyre levers as these increase the risk of getting a pinch flat. Some tyres are so tight fitting though, its almost impossible to refit the last section of a really tight tyre in which case you will have to use a tyre lever carefully.


13. Before pumping up your tube, check the tyre and tube is sitting correctly in your wheel rim by pushing the tyre back and forth inside the rim using your thumb and forefinger. Work your way round the whole tyre using this action.  


14. Pump up your tyre according to the recommend pressure range detailed on the side wall of your tyre

15. Tighten the valve nut (if applicable)


16. Screw on valve cap (only applicable for schrader valves A/V, aka car valves)





The Short and Sweet of It  

It's not rocket science, ANYONE can change a bike tube. Follow these simple steps for a stress free and quick method for fixing your flat and getting back to riding ASAP.


Blue Banter 

Luke Hansen


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