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Blue Cycles Means Quality Bicycle Servicing and Maintenance at Great Prices

Many things can happen with your bike that will require some mending. Whether it is a flat tyre or worn out brakes, when something is wrong with your bicycle, you’ll likely want to fix the problem quickly, reliably—and perhaps most importantly, at a price you can afford. That’s why Blue Cycles offers bicycle service at the right prices for bikes of all types, brands, and models in the Darwin area.

Your Bike Deserves Proper Service and Maintenance

If you’re like many riders, your bike is likely one of your most valued possessions. For many people, a bicycle means more than just a bit of weekend fun, especially when a bike is used for commuting or fitness or is your child’s favourite way to explore the neighbourhood. Since your bike delivers so much for you or your family, it makes sense to return the favour and ensure that your bicycle gets servicing and proper maintenance on a regular schedule.

One way to care for your bicycle is to maintain it at home using quality bike accessories and products, such as Muc-Off bike cleaners and lubricants. In just three steps, you can protect, clean and lubricate as part of your basic bicycle maintenance, done twice yearly to ensure your bike is ready for the wet or dry season.

A good all-purpose cleaner is Muc-Off’s Pink Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, coupled with a drivetrain specific cleaner or degreaser. Using Muc-Off Bike Protect or Muc-Off MO-94 afterward will help keep dirt from sticking to your bicycle’s frame and leave a beautiful shine. Lastly, you’ll want to choose a lube that is designed for your typical riding conditions. Choose either a waterproofing Muc-Off C3 ceramic wet lube for the rainy season or go with Muc-Off C3 ceramic dry lube when it becomes dry or dusty.

If your bike requires a bit more work, you can bring in any type or brand to Blue Cycles and choose one of our three levels of service from our workshop. When you select our premium Blue Service, we’ll check and tighten all bolts, remove, and clean your chain, and ensure that all other parts are degreased, cleaned, and lubricated. For your added convenience, be sure to book your servicing online to select a date that works best for you.

Where to Go for All Your Bicycle Maintenance and Service Needs

Blue Cycles helps all kinds of riders get the most of their bikes with our professional service. We’ve helped triathletes and racers with some of the most top end hardware, as well as everyday folks looking to get a well-loved bike fixed for their kids or to get their commuter bicycle back up to speed. That’s why we offer high-quality bicycle service at prices you can afford, backed by advice and suggestions from our team you can trust.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help you maintain your bike through all kinds of conditions and use. If you are looking for a new bicycle, we can get you properly fitted and matched with the right set of wheels for your needs. Once you’ve purchased your new bike, you’ll receive our renowned Blue Care, complete with free tuning and support to take your regular bicycle servicing up to the next level of care.

To learn how Blue Cycles can help you take better care of your bicycle, feel free to contact us for more information.

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