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Making it's mark into the Australian market in 2010, XDS has always been the key catalyst for change. XDS were first to engineer a modern Retro/Vintage commuter bike for the Australian market. They revolutionised braking technology by partnering up with SureStop smarter braking system. They stepped it up a notch and developed one of the lightest Aluminium Alloy Frames, the Ultra-Light X6. Teaming up with Bafang electric motors, we've raised the popularity and affordability of the Mid-Drive Electric bike. Their passion for a greener environment at the 2018 National Sustainable Living Festival. You'll find that their passion for quality and reliability will always show up in every curve and component of an XDS product.

To XDS, it's more than just simply making and selling bikes. It's about always building the better bike for our customers. It's about redefining what a good quality bike is, at the right cost. It's about making sure that every bike meets extremely strict standards. It's about making sure that cycling is always affordable, enjoyable and approachable to everyone. That's what XDS is about.

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