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Air-Liner TLR Road Kit Medium (2x28mm + Tool + Sealant)

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Air-Liner Road is the re-usable insert designed to be used in tubeless tyres. Enhances the performance, control, and durability as well as providing protection for both your tyre and rims.
Delivery time 1 - 2 Weeks
Air-Liner TLR Road Kit Medium (2x28mm + Tool + Sealant)

Made specifically for tubeless tire applications, the Vittoria Air-Liner Road system is compatible with all tubeless road tires on the market, and will offer the same benefits regardless of brand. The lightweight material absorbs no sealant, ensuring that punctures are sealed as normal, and extending the useful life of the insert. The proprietary Vittoria tubeless Multiway Valve uses multiple large holes within the tire chamber, eliminating valve clogging, and providing ease of use while adjusting air-pressure.

The foam of Air-Liner Road is soft and is designed to collapse inside the pressure of a road tire. That allows for the expansion of the foam in the event of a flat tire. In fact, the foam fills the volume inside the tire and allow for a run-flat solution to get you home. In addition, Air-Liner Road allows running lower air pressure, as it provides additional protection and enhances the seal of the tire. The insert increases riding comfort without negatively impacting rolling resistance.

The Vittoria Air-Liner Road Kit contains:
- Two Air-Liner Road inserts 28mm
- Two Multiway valves
- Vittoria Universal Tubeless Tyre sealant
- Tyre assembly pliers.

Sizing and fitting:

Air-Liner Road Size: Small - Tyre Range 700x23/26 mm - Recommended Tyre 25 mm - Internal Rim Width Max 21 mm
Air-Liner Road Size: Medium - Tyre Range 700x27/29 mm - Recommended Tyre 28 mm - Internal Rim Width Max 23 mm
Air-Liner Road Size: Large - Tyre Range 700x30/32 mm - Recommended Tyre 30 mm - Internal Rim Width Max 26 mm