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Exposure Diablo MK10 - 1500L BLACK

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This is a powerful 1500 lumen front bike light which is lightweight, compact and can even charge your other cycling accessories whilst out riding.
Exposure Diablo MK10 - 1500L BLACK

Editor's Note


The Exposure Diablo Mk 9 is a fantastically lightweight and compact front bike light which can punch out up to 1500 lumens. It features TAP technology making changing of light modes and turning on/off as simple as tapping.  This light does not require an external battery pack or external wires making it a fuss free and streamlined light system. Smart technology allows you to not only recharge your light via USB, the DIiblo can automatically charge your other cycling devices such as a cycling computer smartphone and GoPro whilst you ride!


  • Up to 1500 lumen output
  • 8 different light modes
  • Thermal management
  • Smart port technology
  • Cable free design
  • Fuel gauge


  • TAP technology


  • Weighs 120g
  • 3 hours charge time
  • Made in the UK